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Quantum Evolution

Experience quantum leaps with the combination of sacred plant medicine, somatic healing coaching, and breathwork in this deeply supportive, trauma-informed group container.

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Leading Trauma-informed Breathwork+ Somatic Healing Coach and
Intentional Microdosing Practitioner Alyssa Hutchinson Presents:

Quantum Evolution 

Have you been feeling the call to work with sacred plant medicine, but not sure how or where to start?

I know what it is like and I am here to bridge the gap and bring forth the opportunity for others to work, heal, and evolve with this sacred medicine.

By combining somatic coaching, breathwork, and intentional microdosing, I experienced quantum leaps in my healing journey; and I am so honored to guide others through this experience.

This full support container is deeply healing, allowing for you to radically shift your reality. This is a group container, where we will have the opportunity to heal individually and collectively; being witnessed and witnessing others on this journey.

On-going enrollments means you can join when you are ready and leave when you feel complete with this journey. 

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Come home to yourself, to who you have always been under these layers of trauma and conditioning

Connect with the sacred plant medicine, psilocybin, allowing this sacred medicine to open your heart and your mind

Create safety in your system and show the body how to care for you in moments of activation

Embody your truest, most authentic self

Heal generational trauma in the realms of the miraculous

Shed the limiting beliefs and old stories that are holding you back from reaching your full potential

Step into your highest timeline

Tap into your intention in a multi-dimensional way; using the power of somatic healing and the sacred medicine

Trust what you are being shown is for your deepest healing and evolution

Ancient Roots

Psilocybin has long been a part of ritual healing experiences in many Indigenous cultures around the world.

The "magic mushroom" became popular in the United States in the 1960's, after R. Gordon Wasson, a Banker and amateur mycologist, visited Oaxaca, Mexico. After several trips, he found and convinced Curandera María Sabina to guide him in ceremony with this sacred plant medicine. When Wasson and his wife returned back to the United States, they shared their experience in many published articles. And the rest is history...

Though much research has come of this movement, like many sacred things, it was quickly colonized and mass produced. María Sabina, and the town where she lived, was greatly impacted and she came to regret sharing the sacred mushrooms with Wasson.

You don't have to go to Mexico to find these sacred mushrooms though, as they might be right in your back yard. 

Psilocybin is the chemical compound found on the cap and stem of several mushroom species. Large doses have been effective PTSD, OCD, major depression, and the list goes on. While there aren't many published studies of microdosing psilocybin, it has been shown to help stimulate neuroplasticity, increase creativity, and help those who are suffering from treatment-resistant depression. 

Microdosing means taking a sub-perceptual dose of psychedelic medicine, meaning the dose is so low you do not have a psychedelic experience. You do not experience any strong psychedelic or hallucinogenic effects while microdosing.

Working with this sacred plant medicine in an intentional way allows us to expand our awareness and move through life with a new perspective.

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You do not have to do this alone.

I have experienced quantum leaps in my healing journey by combining all 3 modalities and I would be honored to support you through this journey! We will design a protocol that is just right for you, feel into your intention, create a ritual, and work through and integrate the learnings.

**This container is for educational and support purposes. **Support does not include or involve providing any psychedelic medicine to the client. 

Disclosure: Certain states and cities in the US have 'decriminalized' the use of psilocybin in favor of the advancement of research of psychedelics as treatment for varying conditions, mostly psychological. Federally, as of 2023, the conversation is happening around the progression of research and technology associated with psychedelics, however, it is still not considered a legal substance by the government.

What is included in this container:

Weekly Group Medicine Calls - prep, ceremony, support & integration

Weekly Group Somatic Coaching Sessions

2x month 60 minute Group Meditative Breathwork Sessions

1x month Group Reiki Healing Sessions

1x month Virtual Ecstatic Dance Party

(8) Modules to embody and integrate the healings

Pre-recorded Integrative Breathwork Sessions

Private Facebook Group for connection & peer support

**Discounted 1:1 coaching sessions available @ $44 / 30 min or $88 / 60 min


$555 / month

Payment options include: 

$555 (monthly)

$222 (bi-weekly) 


Scholarships available for the global majority (BIPOC), to inquire please email: alyssa@emergebreathwork.com or book a discovery call!

Are you ready to come home to yourself, to who you have always been?

This powerful combination allows use to strip away the conditioning, traumas, and emotionality that has been stored in the system. The body and the medicine will bring forth what is ready to be looked at, felt, acknowledged, and released. Together, we will integrate the learnings, and you will begin to embody who you can here to be.

I am a certified Trauma-informed Breathwork + Somatic Healing Coach; being trauma-informed means that I actively resist re-traumatization by using pacing and titration to gently guide you into the body and into the sensations. Titration is the opposite of trauma - trauma being: too much, too soon, too fast. So we ease into the body, into the sensations, and create safety in the system.

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NOW ENROLLING! Join & leave anytime!

 Want to Hop on a Discovery Call to find out if this is right for you?

Book here!

"Alyssa has been such a huge support as I have felt through deep old wounds. She holds space so beautifully. It's really a gift to be able to spend time with her and experience the joy coming from her essence."

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"The whole experience was so aligned with what I was in need of. I experienced a shift from our first session to this last session, wow you are so connected and embodied in this!!! Thank you, thank you for allowing me to feel safe to journey and release. This has been such a gift. Your energy holds me so gently, allowing me to release and to receive."

Happy Customer

"This session was perfection. I could feel Alyssa's deep care for curating an experience that felt good to me. She was agendaless and extremely grounded. The music was amazing and gave me what I didn't know I needed!"

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