Emerge from Within

The holistic approach to healing the body, mind and soul.

Come back to your breath, and create a connection with your body.

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Emerge from Within

Come back to your breath and create a connection with your body.

Most of us struggle with the everyday pressures of life. For many of us, the norm is being stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. At Emerge from Within, we conduct one on one and group somatic healing sessions to help you reconnect with yourself.

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Emerge from Within

How Does Somatic Healing Work?

We use a bottom-up approach, we experience shifts and healing in the body first, and then in the mind. Accessing the intelligence of the body to create lasting change. This is a holistic, integrative approach that goes beyond just mindset work and gets to the root cause. Uncovering blocks, fears, old stories, and wounds that have been holding you back.

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Transcendental Breathwork Experiences

collaboration with Tarah Peek of Mandala Mama

Experience a deeply transformative ceremony with 2 experienced facilitators. Sessions typically include: cacao ceremony, breathwork, sound bath and integration. As well as energy healing and transmissions.

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Next journey: Virtual Ceremony - 9/29/23 @ 6:30pm

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"Alyssa was such a delight to work with. Her smile and genuineness created a lot of safety in my sessions with her. After each breakthrough she was so excited for me and loved to hear my thoughts and insights. She is a joy to be coached by and will make a huge impact on this world! She pushed me at just the right pace with safety and with kindness. Her ability to coach from her heart is a true asset and it can really be felt."

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"I loved that I got a glimpse of what is possible in my life! Thank you, Alyssa, for this incredible journey! I didn't know what to expect, but it was amazing and healing in ways I didn't even know I needed!"

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"Alyssa has been such a huge support as I have felt through deep old wounds. She holds space so beautifully. It's really a gift to be able to spend time with her and experience the joy coming from her essence."

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"The whole experience was so aligned with what I was in need of. I experienced a shift from our first session to this last session, wow you are so connected and embodied in this!!! Thank you, thank you for allowing me to feel safe to journey and release. This has been such a gift. Your energy holds me so gently, allowing me to release and to receive."

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"This session was perfection. I could feel Alyssa's deep care for curating an experience that felt good to me. She was agendaless and extremely grounded. The music was amazing and gave me what I didn't know I needed!"

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