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Who We Are

Emerge from Within is a somatic healing initiative providing one on one and group somatic healing sessions.

Emerge from Within

Our Philosophy

Soma - the body as distinct from the soul, mind, or psyche.

When you can get into an embodied state, you can quiet your mind, and extract any wisdom the body has for you. Using any of the offered modalities, you can release emotionality and trauma that has been held within the system.

These parts of you that have been keeping you small, telling that you need to play it safe, can be integrated into your whole Self. They just need a little attention, nourishment, and compassion. You can give that to these parts. Be gentle with yourself.

Meet Alyssa: Your Somatic Healing Coach

Alyssa is a Trauma-informed Breathwork + Somatic Healing Coach and Founder of Emerge from Within. She has additional training in reiki, mysticism, crystals, meditation, intentional microdosing, and QHHT.

Alyssa started this somatic healing initiative after emerging from her own transformative cocoon. She found herself - her truest, most authentic self; and she is ready to help guide humanity back to wholeness.

Alyssa is a kind soul. Her energy holds others so gently, allowing for deep healing. She is a conduit for Reiki energy, a channel for Spirit, a vessel for love, and an ambassador for sacred plant medicine. 

Alyssa is obsessed with astrology, crystals, human design, oracle cards, building playlists for breathwork sessions, and laughing! She is an Emotional Manifesting Generator, Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, and Libra Rising.


Alyssa graduated from Pause Breathwork in October 2022 as a certified Trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator. This was a 6-month program, diving deep into this healing modality. Requirements included 60 hours of practicum, as well as 24 hours of personal breathwork practice.

Alyssa was initiated into reiki energy in October 2022. In May of 2023 she received her master level attunement. With this she is able to perform distant energy healing.

Alyssa graduated from Pause Coaching in December 2022 as a certified Trauma-informed Somatic Coach. This was a 10-month program, equating to 400 hours of personal work, client work, embodiment practices, and learning the tools and concepts. This program provided a deep understanding and an embodiment of this work. Requirements included 30 hours of practicum, as well as receiving more than six hours of peer coaching.

She earned a certification from Axis Mundi as an Intentional Microdosing Practitioner in December 2022. After personally experiencing the love and healing that this journey cultivates; she is here to bridge the gap and bring forth the opportunity for others to work, heal, and evolve with this sacred medicine.

In the summer of 2023, Alyssa was introduced to Dolores Cannon's work, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), and she dived deep into several audiobooks. After experiencing her own QHHT session, she knew this was a great addition to her offerings. In October of 2023 she passed her Level 1 QHHT Practitioner exam and is now able to offer these sessions as a Level 1 Intern. Her first 25 sessions are free, but to stay true to her style of offering full service support, these session are reserved for clients only.

Alyssa loves to learn and will be working towards her Meditation Teacher Diploma Accreditation with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, (IPHM) through Soul Awakening Academy. 

"Alyssa was such a delight to work with. Her smile and genuineness created a lot of safety in my sessions with her. After each breakthrough she was so excited for me and loved to hear my thoughts and insights. She is a joy to be coached by and will make a huge impact on this world! She pushed me at just the right pace with safety and with kindness. Her ability to coach from her heart is a true asset and it can really be felt."

Happy Customer

"I loved that I got a glimpse of what is possible in my life! Thank you, Alyssa, for this incredible journey! I didn't know what to expect, but it was amazing and healing in ways I didn't even know I needed!"

Happy Customer

"Alyssa has been such a huge support as I have felt through deep old wounds. She holds space so beautifully. It's really a gift to be able to spend time with her and experience the joy coming from her essence."

Happy Customer

"The whole experience was so aligned with what I was in need of. I experienced a shift from our first session to this last session, wow you are so connected and embodied in this!!! Thank you, thank you for allowing me to feel safe to journey and release. This has been such a gift. Your energy holds me so gently, allowing me to release and to receive."

Happy Customer

"This session was perfection. I could feel Alyssa's deep care for curating an experience that felt good to me. She was agendaless and extremely grounded. The music was amazing and gave me what I didn't know I needed!"

Happy Customer
Emerge from Within

Why Work With Alyssa?

Access your truest, most authentic self through somatic healing sessions with Alyssa. She will guide you back home to yourself, to who you have always been, under all these layers of stories, traumas, and conditioning. Connect with your body, soul, and Source.