Emerge from Within

Wholesome Healing Collective Retreat

Where you're invited to unhook from the hustle and tap into peace, play, and your soul's deepest purpose. Soften out of the monkey mind, peel back the layers of survival mentality and settle into the healing power of the heart. With the power of yoga, breathwork, meditation, interactive workshops, cacao and fire ceremonies, and lots more.

Mount Shasta, CA

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Do you often find yourself waking up and immediately starting to think of all the things you need to add to your “to-do” list for the day?

Do you find yourself jumping into action, checking your social media notifications, emails and messages while inattentively gulping down your breakfast?

Do you go about your day without setting intentions and constantly crumbling under the increasing pressures of your workday?

If this sounds like you, it might feel like you’re always in “fight or flight” mode, leading to a dysregulated nervous system. You struggle to prioritize yourself, and before you know it, it’s time to go to bed and repeat the same routine all over again!

Your mind and body possess unparalleled powers that can heal you from the inside out and show you that life is meant to be enjoyed every single day in every single way.

When you access these deeper healing powers by truly getting intune with your body, aligning with the energies and by simply learning how to use the power of somatic healing practices to center yourself, magic starts to happen!

You start to calm the mind and understand how to listen to your body, how to feel free and happy like a child again, and get in touch with your most authentic self.

Life gets to be simple, wholesome and nourishing. You’ve had these healing powers all along… Let us show you how to access it!

We are here to guide you on your journey to finding yourself - your truest, most authentic self. Peeling back all the layers of trauma, emotionality, and conditioning to uncover who you have been all along. Coming home to yourself.

Our shared journey

Alyssa and Renee are both certified through Pause Breathwork. While attending both the Somatic Coaching program, as well as the Pause Breathwork Facilitator training, fate paired them up as partners and they enjoyed their meetings so much in the program that they’ve kept the friendship going ever since. Their friendship developed into a partnership through their collaboration on the Wholesome Healing Collective podcast and now retreats.

Alyssa Hutchinson

Trauma-informed Somatic Healing Coach + Breathwork Facilitator and Founder of Emerge from Within

Alyssa is a trauma-informed somatic healing coach at Emerge from Within. She started this somatic healing initiative after emerging from her own transformative cocoon. She has additional training in breathwork, reiki, mysticism, crystals, meditation, intentional microdosing, and QHHT. After experiencing these modalities for herself, Alyssa has opened her heart and found a sense of grounded-ness in her everyday life.

Renee Boatman

Vinyasa Yoga, Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator and Somatic Healing Coach

Renee is a passionate embodiment practitioner who shares her magic by creating a safe space for others to come home to their heart by utilizing the power of the breath to become fully present in the body. She weaves togethers somatic practices that allow for gentle transformation as stuck energy in encouraged to move, the nervous system begins to regulate, and a sense of harmony washes over the system.

What to expect during the Retreat: 

We will start our day with breathwork and embodiment practices before enjoying a lovely breakfast.

Mid morning will offer freetime that can be spent in whatever way feels best: walk, meditate, sauna time, reading, sleeping… you do you.

A light lunch is provided, and the afternoons will have an interactive workshop or activity followed by more free time for self care.

Dinner is our time to gather and connect as a community.

The evenings will be a time to relax with Yin yoga and time around the fire or guided meditation. We have a special Full Moon celebration planned Saturday night, with a cacao ceremony, breathwork journey, dancing under the full moon and a fire ceremony.

Check out the details below for the luxury VIP DAY! + $777


We are so honored to hold this retreat at Guru Shasta in Mt. Shasta, CA

There are 2 rooms in the main house (1 private Queen and a shared Queen) available and 4 shared cabins on the property.

Prices range from $1,111 for a twin in a shared cabin to $2,222 for a private Queen in the main house (with the option to add a friend or partner for only $1,111). We also have a double Queen room and a Queen cabin with a twin bed. 

Price includes lodging, food, and all activities. We will be serving a gluten free / dairy free pescetarian menu.

About the property:

“Mount Shasta is a 5D landscape with multiple healing vortex sites. Around 60% of the area is protected forest land. It is a revered landscape known by locals as one of fresh mountain air, sunshine, verdant forests and natural freshwater springs.

The region was created with volcanic forces that are still active to this day.

Connecting with the purity of the natural elements is a true gift and one that nourishes the human soul. So many of us are cut off from the natural world in today's modern world. Shasta returns us to our center through nature.

All those who come to Shasta are usually called to do so. The mountain holds sacred medicine for the soul and is invitation only.

Are you feeling the call? Follow your heart and let nature be your greatest teacher.” - Guru Shasta


Only 6 spots available!

Are you longing for extra self care and a little more individual support?

Would you like to receive a one on one coaching session, massage, or energy work session with one of our facilitators?

We have designed a luxurious VIP day to pour into you, to fill up your cup, and explore the beauty of Mt. Shasta.

Airport pick up in Medford, Oregon, out to lunch and explore Ashland, OR, 1:1 sessions, embodiment practice, community around the fire, hiking, and extra free time while others check-in.

+ $777

After the Retreat

Achieving a sense of calm, peace and knowing that you are enough.

Living as your true authentic self and attracting a community of like-minded people.

Empowered with tools that allow to proactively creating the life you desire.

Before the Retreat

Living an overwhelmed, stressed and chaotic life.

Living up to other people’s version of yourself, not feel safe in your own skin.

Always feeling like you’re reacting to your environment

What past attendees / clients are saying…

"Renee has really done a great job at creating a safe atmosphere and her energy is loving."

"Renee held such beautiful space for me, and seamlessly and intuitively guided me through the most powerful experience of releasing death, into rebirth."

"Thank you so much for allowing me to feel your system so that I could find it in my system. It has been so nourishing as well as powerful for me as I move through my day to find that connection that wasn't there before."

“Alyssa was such a delight to work with. Her smile and genuineness created a lot of safety in my sessions with her. She pushed me at just the right pace with safety and with kindness. Her ability to coach from her heart is a true asset and it can really be felt.”

“Alyssa has been such a huge support as I have felt through deep old wounds. She holds space so beautifully. It's really a gift to be able to spend time with her and experience the joy coming from her essence.”

“I loved that I got a glimpse of what is possible in my life! Thank you for this incredible journey! I didn't know what to expect, but it was amazing and healing in ways I didn't even know I needed!”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I don’t have someone to go with, will I still have fun?

Answer: Absolutely! We understand that it may seem a bit overwhelming and uncomfortable to spend 3 days with people you’re unfamiliar with. However, we are committed to creating a safe environment for you to help you make the most of the retreat. We will be offering 2 titration calls online via Zoom before we meet at the retreat. This will give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other, cultivate a sense of community and allow us to co-create a safe space for all attendees.

Question: Is this a co-ed retreat?

Answer: Yes, all are welcome!

Question: Will I get any support after the retreat?

Answer: We will have an integration call online via Zoom two weeks after the retreat to check in and provide any additional support. Rest assured, the retreat is designed to help you tap into the deeper layers of your authentic self so you can safely release any thoughts, emotions and behaviors that no longer serve you. You will leave the retreat feeling calmer, your nervous system will be regulated and you will learn how to bring yourself back to this state in moments of stress and overwhelm.

Question: How much does the Wholesome Healing Collective retreat cost?

Answer: The non-refundable deposit is $222 The cost per person starts at $1,111 a for a twin bed in a shared room, up to $2,222 for a queen bed in a private room. VIP cost is $777 for the extra day. Price includes lodging, food, and all activities, as well as 2 live calls before the retreat (titration) and 1 after the retreat (integration). Not included is airfare and transportation.

Question: Do you offer refunds or money back guarantee?

Answer: The deposit is nonrefundable. A full refund (minus the deposit) is available if canceled prior to 30 days before the retreat.

Question: Will adult beverages be provided?

Answer: No, this is a dry/sober retreat. We believe that healing happens when we clear the mind and body of substances that negatively alter our state of being. No alcohol will be provided or permitted.