How Does Somatic Healing Work?

by Alyssa Hutchinson

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What is somatic healing?

Somatic healing is a therapeutic approach that focuses on the connection between the mind and body, recognizing that emotional and psychological trauma can manifest physically. The term "somatic" comes from the Greek word "soma," meaning the body. Unlike traditional talk therapies that primarily engage the cognitive aspects of healing, somatic healing involves physical techniques to release stored tension and trauma in the body, promoting holistic wellness.

This approach is based on the understanding that traumatic experiences can lead to a disconnection from the body, affecting an individual's ability to fully experience the present moment. Techniques used in somatic healing may include mindful movement, deep breathing, meditation, and other body-centered practices. These methods are designed to help individuals reconnect with their bodies, increase awareness of bodily sensations, and release pent-up emotional and physical tension.

The goal is to help individuals move past the traumatic memories that may be stored in their bodies, facilitating a process of healing, recovery, and transformation.

Somatic healing is versatile and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. It is used to address a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other emotional and physical ailments. By fostering a deeper connection between the mind and body, somatic healing offers a pathway to enhanced well-being, resilience, and a more engaged and fulfilling life.

What is somatic coaching?

Somatic coaching is an innovative approach to personal development and transformation that incorporates the body's sensations, emotions, memories, and movements. These are integral elements of the coaching process, each providing information to access what is ready to be seen, felt and acknowledged.

This method is based on the understanding that our thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations are deeply interconnected, and that by working with the body, we can achieve profound changes in our mental and emotional states, leading to more holistic and sustainable personal growth.

In a somatic coaching session, Alyssa guides the client through various exercises and practices designed to increase bodily awareness and explore the body's innate wisdom. The goal is to help clients become more aware of their habitual patterns, both mental and physical, that may be holding them back from reaching their full potential. By learning to listen to and interpret the signals their bodies send them, clients can uncover deeper insights about their behaviors, beliefs, and emotional responses.

The benefits of somatic coaching are broad and varied. Clients often report improvements in areas such as stress management, emotional regulation, communication skills, and overall well-being. By fostering a deeper connection between the mind and body, somatic coaching empowers individuals to navigate life's challenges with greater resilience, clarity, and purpose.

This is a holistic, integrative approach that goes beyond just mindset work and gets to the root cause. Uncovering blocks, fears, old stories, and wounds that have been holding you back.

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