Holistic Wellness

by Alyssa Hutchinson

. . .

Earlier this year, I was honored to be a guest speaker at Rocky Mountain College, talking about holistic wellness and self-care practices with the occupational therapy students.

Can you guess what my favorite self-care practice is?

Yep, you got it - BREATHWORK ✨

Diving deeper

Holistic wellness is about caring for all aspects of our being; and for me, that not only includes mind, body, and soul - but I would also like to add emotional, spiritual, and social wellness, to bring it all together.

Taking time to balance each "petal" [referring to the picture above] is so important to provide overall health and wellbeing.

Can you tell when you are spending too much time in one area? Leading to an imbalance in your overall health and wellbeing. Or perhaps you are spending too much time on things that aren't filling up any of these “petals” - distractions like social media scrolling, alcohol, ect.

Come back to your breath and create a connection with your body. 

Creating a connection with the body and the breath allows you to tap in and notice the way in which you are filling up each petal. You may notice an imbalance, or perhaps you find a deep feeling of gratitude for the way you treat your being. Breathwork not only expands your consciousness and how you experience your reality, but I would also add that breathwork can be used to fill up each “petal”. 

How can breathwork help?

Mind - Increased mental clarity, stimulates neuroplasticity, shifts and expands consciousness, creates spaciousness between yourself and your thoughts and endless to-do’s.

Body - Increases lung capacity, increases heart rate variability, creates nitric oxide, reduces toxins in your body, revitalizes your organs. 

Soul - Gain access to your intuition and higher self by quieting the mind so the innate knowing can come through. 

Emotional - Immediate stress reduction and anxiety relief, connect with your emotions and change your response to them, allows emotions and feelings to be acknowledged, felt, and released.

Spiritual - Raise your vibration by tapping into universal life force energy, feel deeply connected to the Divine and your Source.

Social - Deepens your relationship with your body and emotions, find safety in your system to show up authentically, creates a sense of belonging to yourself.

+ so much more!

Consider adding movement, nature, or friends to boost the benefits of your breathwork session!

Join a free group breathwork session here to experience it for yourself ✨

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